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A Succinct Introduction To Video Marketing

A Succinct Introduction To Video Marketing

As the name implies, video marketing is the use of videos as a form of product promotion.  As a means of visual marketing, the use of videos happens to be a relatively new form.  Although visual marketing has been dominant in the last few decades through television and print advertisements, video marketing does differ from these two forms in several aspects.  Because the internet provides such a suitable platform for video marketing, executing it properly can result in a large and receptive audience at a significantly lower cost than television advertising.

In its most basic concept, video marketing involves creating a promotional video featuring your product or service and then uploading it on the internet for distribution.  With a lot of websites offering web video hosting for free or just a small fee, video marketing is a cost-effective advertising method.

Uploading to sites with a lot of traffic (such as YouTube) can add up to quite a bit of exposure for your product or service.  These popular video websites can hopefully result in a large number of views or hits from people, including potential customers.  You can increase the chances of this happening by making your video SEO-friendly: use rich keywords when writing the titles, descriptions, and meta-tags for your video webpage.  By optimizing videos for SEO, you make it easier for video search engines to index your video marketing files and link them to your site, ultimately resulting in higher SERPs.

When formulating content for video marketing, you have a lot of approaches available; decide whether you would like to demonstrate products or provide instructions on how to use it.  You could also be more aggressive and create videos sharing endorsements and communicate it through webcasts.  However, be reminded that your business-related videos (just like any other online marketing tool) contribute to your brand image.  Quality and credibility are important concepts that should be used as a guide in video marketing production. 

The goal of a video marketing campaign is to eventually create a fan base, and the way to achieve this goal is through very subtle advertising.  Viral video marketing involves producing videos that engage and entertain while putting across the desired message in a non-obtrusive manner.  Viral video marketing requires creating a video that viewers will enjoy so that they will share it with others, who in turn will share it with others still.  “Going viral” or garnering a large fan base can effectively translate into an improved product perception that ultimately leads to more sales.

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