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Why Social Bookmarking is A Trend?

Why Social Bookmarking is A Trend?

By using social bookmarking, individuals may find, control, arrange, and store helpful web information that they want to revisit and spread to others. Due to the fact that social bookmarking sites are web-based services, you may access your bookmarks from any device and at any time online.

Read on to learn more about social bookmarking, its benefits, and how it varies from adding a bookmark to your computer browser.


How Social Bookmarking Works

Users can store and exchange online links, or bookmarks, with other community members via social bookmarking systems, which are centralised web services.

These websites typically offer a blend of social and organisational tools, enabling users to annotate and categorise their bookmarks and comment on and discuss subjects with other interested users.

Difference Between Social Bookmarking And Browser Bookmarks

Social bookmarking goes beyond the straightforward retrieval feature we use when bookmarking webpages or links in our browsers. In addition to saving your favourite websites, social bookmarking allows you to share them with friends, view what other people find fascinating, browse frequently visited links and categories, and do much more.

You may browse through bookmarked links on most social bookmarking sites, which include everything from politics, news, and sports to commerce, technology, and blogging. Most provide search options so you may enter your search phrase and browse what other users have saved.

Options For Social Bookmarking Sites


Social networking site Pinterest has social bookmarking capabilities. Make Pinterest boards and store items you want to share and revisit later. Connect with others who share your interests by engaging with them.

It comes in a premium business edition as well as a free version for individuals. You can share the content with your network after the service identifies it and matches it to your interests across several WordPress sites.


Evernote is a well-known social bookmarking platform that also serves as a note-taking tool for making, compiling, and archiving various media files. It’s an excellent resource for gathering and preserving information.


Another social bookmarking tool is Pocket, which enables users to create custom collections of articles, videos, and stories from any website, page, or application. Users of Pocket’s paid version can highlight, annotate, and add notes to articles.


As a “personal discovery platform,” Mix describes itself. Select the subjects that interest you, and Mix will curate content that you can revisit later. To view saved material from other Mix users in your feed, follow them. It’s a fantastic way for coworkers to share resources.


With articles covering a wide range of current events, Digg is more of a social news site. Digg content can be liked, bookmarked, or shared on social media, or you can submit your own articles there and share them with other people.


Users can publish content on Medium, a blogging and social bookmarking website, and save it for later reading.

Benefit Of Using Social Bookmarking

People can stay up to date on breaking news and events via social bookmarking websites that curate pertinent content. They’re a terrific tool for professionals to keep articles and materials that can advance their knowledge and skills. Businesses participating in social bookmarking services can increase web traffic and brand recognition by giving users access to their material.

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